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Welcome to Brokkr, a platform designed to improve the way data center provisioning is done. In this introductory article, we will provide an overview of Brokkr, its features, and the benefits it brings to data centers and their customers. This is the first article in our technical documentation collection, aimed at helping you better understand the capabilities and potential of Brokkr.

Overview of Brokkr

Brokkr is a Data Center (DC) provisioning product that simplifies the deployment and management of bare metal cloud (BMC) or bare metal as a service (BMaaS). As a fully managed and supported Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, Brokkr enables data centers to outsource the provisioning and application layers of BMaaS, allowing them to instead focus on what they do best while still offering customers modern infrastructure capabilities. Brokkr extends upon the open-source Foreman software, further enhancing its capabilities and ease of use.

Key Focus Areas

  • Brokkr has a number of focus areas, with the shared goal of facilitating your data center in offering modern BMaaS capabilities:
  • Provisioning & Lifecycle Management: Brokkr automates the inventory provisioning and lifecycle process, allowing data center customers to deploy and manage hardware resources with ease, and reducing manual overhead for the data center.
  • User-friendly Interface & Self Service: Brokkr features an intuitive on-boarding interface, making it easy for end user to on-board and self serve bare metal resources. Future iterations will replace the Foreman maagement portal entirely for additional gains in UX.
  • Comprehensive API: Brokkr leverages and extends upon the Foreman API, enabling programmatic control of infrastructure, and supports popular Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tooling, bringing DCs into the cloud era.
  • Scalability: Brokkr is designed to scale efficiently, allowing data centers to grow their BMaaS offerings without significant investment in additional infrastructure or personnel.
  • Comprehensive Security: Brokkr emphasizes security, adding additional hardening and security oriented features on top of Foreman to protect both the platform, customer, and end user data.
  • White-label: Brokkr can be tailored to your DCā€™s branding, giving you an instant boost in brand positioning and credibility.

Benefits of Brokkr

  • By leveraging Brokkr, data centers can enjoy several advantages:
  • Revenue Generation: Brokkr enables data centers to monetize their underutilized hardware resources, creating new revenue streams and optimizing their return on investment.
  • Operational Efficiency: Automation and streamlined workflows lead to reduced manual intervention, resulting in increased operational efficiency and cost savings.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Brokkr's user-friendly interface and modern API capabilities ensure a positive experience for end-users, leading to greater customer satisfaction and retention.

In conclusion, Brokkr is a practical platform that enhances data center provisioning, offering value to both data centers and their customers. As you explore our technical documentation collection, you'll gain a deeper understanding of Brokkr's capabilities and learn how to leverage its full potential to improve your data center operations. Welcome to the world of efficient data center provisioning with Brokkr!

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Last updated on August 4, 2021