Brokkr Components


Brokkr is a fully managed SaaS, designed to enable data centers (DCs) to offer Bare Metal as a Service (BMaaS) to customers via the Brokkr Marketplace. This document provides an overview of the core components that make up the Brokkr system. Understanding these components will help users to better understand the overall architecture and functionality of Brokkr.

Control Plane

Brokkr’s control plane is currently the main orchestrator of the Brokkr system. It is deployed to and hosted on Hydra owned and operated infrastructure with most other Brokkr components, and is responsible for coordinating life cycle, inventory, and user management as well as hosting the Brokkr UI and API.

Brokkr Bridge

The Brokkr Bridge is a hardware proxy that is responsible for managing the lifecycles of machines that are added to the Thor marketplace. Bridge devices handle various tasks, such as machine discovery, configuring network settings, managing DHCP, and providing OS installations within a respective DC. This component ensures that all operations are performed securely and efficiently, even when dealing with a large number of servers.

Inventory Pool

The Inventory Pool is the collection of all the available hardware resources within the Brokkr system. Brokkr’s control plane continuously monitors and updates the inventory pool to ensure accurate and up-to-date information on the available resources.

Brokkr Marketplace

The Brokkr Marketplace is a real-time listing of all the currently available servers from the inventory pool that are both available for use and listed for rent by their respective DC providers. Marketplace inventory can be sorted and filtered by any of its available attributes, from price to number of available CPU or GPU cores and more.

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