Installation Overview

Installation Overview

The Brokkr Bridge installation is facilitated by the data center, following the hardware delivery. This document provides an overview of the installation process to help users understand what to expect during each phase.

1. Kick-off

Completion of the Brokkr contract starts the Brokkr deployment phase. This begins with the Hydra team and the data center (DC) team conducting an in-depth validation that the DC’s infrastructure meets Brokkr technical requirements. Then we will collaboratively agree on delivery scope and timelines. Key objectives include:

  • Requirements review: Ensure all information necessary to deploy Brokkr on the DC infrastructure is provided and understood.
  • DC infrastructure review: Assess the existing DC infrastructure to determine its suitability for the Brokkr Bridge deployment.
  • Q/A: Resolve outstanding issues or questions.
  • Coms: Agree on the primary means of communication and primary points of contact (Hydra uses Mattermost, Teams, Slack, and Signal).

2. Delivery and Validation

In this phase, the Hydra team will ship the DC team a Brokkr Bridge kit. The kit will contain two small form factor servers, rack mounts, and AC adapters. Once received, the kit should be installed into the datacenter on the network(s) where the marketplace servers reside. The DC will receive the Brokkr Bridge kit with the preconfigured static IPs received during kick off. The DC will then need to connect the Brokkr Bridges ports according to the Brokkr installation guide.

  • Gathering necessary information: Collect and provide all required data, such as network configurations and access credentials.
  • Validation: The Hydra team will verify the provided information, network setup, and ensure it meets the necessary requirements for Brokkr deployment.

3. Testing & Tuning

After the deployment, the Hydra team will perform thorough testing and tuning to ensure that the Brokkr system is functioning correctly. Key activities include:

  • Verification of the appropriate installation of all components.
  • Networking tests to ensure proper communication between Brokkr Bridges, the Brokkr servers, and the marketplace servers.
  • Functionality tests to confirm that the system is working as expected and life cycle of marketplace machines is fully managed by Brokkr.
  • Tuning and optimization of the system based on test results.

4. Account Creation

After testing to ensure the Brokkr Bridge and server inventory is operating correctly, the DC administrators will create an account at Once created, the Hydra team will link their account to their inventory for management in the “inventory” tab, where the admin can manage pricing, adding or removing inventory from the marketplace, and monitor usage of servers.

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Last updated on May 18, 2023